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FAST™ engineers designed the revolutionary XFI 2.0™ with improved and expanded functions, capabilities and adjustability. In addition,
they upgraded the user interface for power adders, including advanced forced induction, progressive controllability and other advanced
racing specific strategies and features. Faster processing means no more flat spots in the power curve or settling for “close enough.”
With a cutting edge self tuning option, this is the one EFI system with easy-to-use features and completely configurable capabilities that
accurately balances fuel and spark, allowing you to fine tune and precisely control like never before.

-Advanced Forced Induction, Power Adder & Race Controls
The Advanced Forced Induction, Power Adder and Race Controls include two separate, fully programmable sequential rev limiters for staging or boost
building with six options for activation, four priority assignments and a user selectable sequential or random mode for rev limiting. The Advanced Forced
Induction Controls include a time based boost controller, user selectable fixed VE and/or fixed timing for boost building and staging repeatability. Expanded
Progressive Power Adder Controls include configurations for both wet or dry applications; separate tables for power adder solenoid control and fuel
control for perfect dry power adder tuning; user adjustable solenoid pulse frequency for optimum solenoid controllability; choice of fixed target air/fuel or
standard air/fuel table for correction; and a dry power adder fuel delay in milliseconds for correcting rich spikes on activation. No other system matches
the power and adjustability of XFI 2.0™.

-Self Learning Auto Tuning VE Table*
The Self Learning Auto Tuning VE Table is an automated process option that makes for quick and easy fuel mapping with the XFI 2.0™. However, this option can be turned off should the user prefer to do the tuning manually. The self learning mode can also be used to speedily and accurately populate a base tune and then turned off for more fine tuning or custom control by the user – it’s all up to you when and how you want to use it. The C-Com® software features enable conditions to turn it on/off automatically and also has an overall enable/disable feature.

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A newer addition to the XFI lineup, the XFI Sportsman ECUs have proven very popular with users needing a basic, reliable, user friendly yet powerful EFI system.Custom-Tunable EFI to Fill the Gap Between EZ-EFI & XFI 2.0

Designed for muscle car, late model street and sportsman drag racing engines, along with boosted and individual runner throttle body applications, the FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ Engine Control System is a bank-to-bank, fully software-tunable EFI setup. It requires a laptop for tuning and uses proven FAST™ C-Com® software, which comes packaged along with the necessary USB connectivity cable. The system offers both load-indexed Speed Density or Alpha-N fuel strategies; most users will use Speed Density but the Alpha-N option is specifically added to serve Sportsman drag racers looking for absolute consistency.

- Data Logging • Nitrous Timing Retard • Boost Capable

The FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ System features full tables to monitor fueling, acceleration fuel, timing and air/fuel targets. A user-configurable auxiliary input channel and full-function data logging are also included. It supports both naturally aspirated and boosted applications up to 5 bar, is compatible with wet nitrous and has nitrous timing retard control. Built-in CAN network support for the EZ-TCU™, EZ-LS™, XIM™ and eDash means users can easily plug-and-play those components with the included CAN network wire. The FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ Engine Control System also features a Bosch wide-band 02 sensor, utilizes built-in diagnostic LEDs, a water-resistant ECU enclosure and includes a premium, mesh-type wire loom multi-port harness.

- Multi-Port EFI or Use EZ-EFI Throttle Body

- Compatible with return-style and returnless fuel systems, XFI Sportsman™ is designed for use with high-impedance injectors, and works with a variety of multi-port systems or either generation of the FAST™ EZ-EFI® throttle body. XFI Sportsman™ is conveniently configurable for electronic timing control with FAST™ distributors and crank triggers, EZ-LS™ and XIM™, or timing can be set with a standard carb-type distributor and the included tach adapter. The RPM/tach signal from an aftermarket CD ignition box is also a timing control option.

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If you find the XFI 2.0 and Sportsman to be more than you need and are in the market for a simple, cost effective system with self tuning capability, the XFI street systems are tough to beat! The XFI street is a tunable ECU based on EZ-EFI® Fuel hardware and harnessing, but with learning capability similar to XFI Sportsman™ and XFI 2.0™ options. The XFI Street™ Engine Management System provides a cost-effective option for those customers who don’t need the most high-end system, but want complete control. Since XFI Street™ uses the same wiring as the EZ-EFI®, it could easily be installed in place of an existing EZ-EFI® ECU. Utilizing included C-Com® software, XFI Street™ can easily deal with even the most challenging engine combinations. The XFI Street™ Engine Management System has data logging capability when connected to a laptop. It is intended only for naturally aspirated engines. This kit comes with and XFI Street™ ECU to an existing EZ-EFI® installation. Also available with an EZ-EFI® four-injector throttle body and harness or a multi-port harness.

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All EFI systems purchased from are available with a startup ECU calibration matched to your application. We have developed a large library of naturally aspirated and power adder calibrations and are likely to have the file you need. If we don't already have it, we'll work with you to develop a new calibration for your combination.

We work hard to provide competitive pricing on our entire offering of aftermarket electronic fuel injection systems and components, if you find anything we sell somewhere else for less contact our sales staff at and we'll do our best to match or beat their price!



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