FAST XFI Sportsman Engine Transplant Kit w/ Throttle Body, Ford Coyote

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Ideal for anyone wanting to swap a modern Ford Coyote engine into a classic muscle car or street rod, the FAST Engine Transplant Kit includes a fully-tunable XFI Sportsman™ ECU, XIM™ ignition module, Valve Timing Control module, complete engine wire harness and a Coyote-specific Big Mouth LT 87mm cable-driven throttle body. Unlike other systems on the market that require you to convert over to a complicated throttle-by-wire accelerator pedal assembly, the FAST kit allows you to retain your original car’s cable-style factory pedal assembly. This makes for a much easier kit installation, plus you will enjoy the benefit of better throttle response and a more “connected” feel to the engine’s power. For applications using aftermarket stack-type induction systems, a kit without the throttle body is also available.