Holley EFI 12.3" Pro Dash

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Trust. Whether it's your engine builder, team members, or EFI System, trust is earned, not given.
When your expensive engine, sponsorship and reputation are on the line, trust your engine monitoring to the Holley EFI 12.3" Pro Dash!

The Holley EFI Pro Dash measures 13.44" wide, 5.81" tall, and 1.25" deep. The Pro Dash is completely customizable for use in a variety of motorsports applications. It features a 12.3" 1280x480 resolution low glare, high brightness, high contrast, full-color capacitive touch screen for easy viewing even in full sun, plug and play connection to all Holley EFI systems as well as a weatherproof aluminum housing featuring flexible mounting options. Monitor the power of your Holley EFI system at a glance! Holley EFI 12.3" Pro Dash includes everything needed for installation!

The Holley EFI 12.3" Pro Dash also features a plethora of inputs and outputs for expanded functionality of your Holley EFI installation. The included 34pin connector has 13 multi-configurable inputs for most Holley EFI sensors, such as pressure and temperature. Not using Holley EFI sensors? We still have you covered, these inputs are configurable, allowing you to utilize different sensor scaling calibrations! The Pro Dash also features two dedicated speed inputs, for RPM, Driveshaft speed, or any other Hall effect speed input. Need more outputs? The Pro Dash contains 4 ground switched outputs, that can be utilized with the switch panel feature to quickly turn on any of your auxiliary accessories, such as a master nitrous switch, or an electric water pump.
Real-time ECU tuning, allows you to make quick tune changes, without needing to hook up a laptop!
Capable of monitoring up to 238 real-time values such as RPM/TPS/Boost
16 default background skins pre-loaded with unlimited options for importing custom layouts
Quickly swipe between multiple active screens (tune, warm-up, race, drive, etc.)
Virtual switch panel eliminates the need for external toggle switches
Manual or auto-brightness features for easy viewing day or night
Built-in GPS with odometer function (Antenna included)
On-screen datalog playback features allows you to review vital run information
Expandable storage via USB
No stylus required, capacitive touch, just like your smart phone.
User definable channel alarms and warnings
6x 1/4-28 mounting holes for surface or flush mounting, with high quality hardware included!
Includes everything needed for installation!
USB Keyboard and Mouse functionality makes it quick and easy to setup new layouts
Includes 34 Pin Wiring Harness contains Power, Ground and CANbus connections
Input and output functionality for 13 multi-configurable inputs, and 4 ground switched outputs.
User defined alarms for any input
Upgradable with future software enhancements
Viewing area is 12.3" on the diagonal, 11.5" wide by 4.25" tall
Dash weight - 3.29lbs
Compatible with our Plug and Play Programmable Shift Light - Part Number 553-107