Holley EFI 8 channel CAN EGT kit p/n 554-186

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Holley EFI 8 Channel CANBus EGT. Exhaust Gas Temperature data is critical information when your engine tune-up is on the ragged edge. Knowing the exhaust temperature of each cylinder can help you identify potential horsepower left on the table, or pinpoint any weak links in your max effort race engine. You can also use this data to quickly identify a potential ignition misfire or stuck injector!
Compatible with HP or Dominator EFI
Plug and Play 8 Channel CAN EGT Module, for a quick and easy installation
High Quality ¼” Stainless Steel EGT Weld Bungs
8x- Robust ¼” EGT Probes, designed to withstand the extreme cylinder pressures - Not included.
4’ CAN Extension Harness
8x Analog output wires, to be used with non-Holley EFI installations