Holley EFI dual range current transducer

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Introducing the latest sensors to the Holley EFI line up – Current Transducers. These high-quality transducers can be easily installed to monitor the amp draw from any mission-critical component, such as fuel pumps, alternators, electric water pumps, or even inductive ignition coils. Both of the Holley EFI Current Transducers are dual range, meaning they can monitor both high and low amp current draw, with one sensor. They also have built-in mounting tabs, allowing you to mount the sensor virtually anywhere. Simply run the high load 12v power wire through the sensor, securely mount the sensor, and finally make your terminations to the ECU.
Dual Range current sensing to help monitor and diagnose any potential electrical system issues
Safely converts amperage current to a 0-5v signal, providing damage free information to any aftermarket ECU
Built-in mounting provisions make installation quick and easy
Connectors and pins included allowing these sensors to be installed in any existing build
Preconfigured sensor dropdowns in Holley EFI V5 Software