Holley 2000 cfm Dominator Flange Throttle Body

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If you're thinking of building either a high performance or race multi-point fuel injection system for your engine, look no further than Holley for the throttle body. Holley offers a line of universal throttle bodies that range in sizes from 1000 CFM to 2000 CFM and are available with standard square bore or DOMINATOR flanges. These billet beauties will provide all the air your motor can ingest. Sporting premium design features that enhance their ruggedness and durability, Holley performance throttle bodies are built to take the most severe usage. They'll look great as well — sitting on top of your street rod or street/strip engine. They have the looks to go with the brawn!
CNC Billet Construction
Progressive Linkage System
More Precise Throttle Control
Better Drivability
Maximum Airflow
Minimizes Air Turbulence
Throttle shafts are offset with respect to the throttle plates so engine vacuum will assist throttle plate closure
Provision for installing Holley P/N 20-113, TH-700R4 over-drive transmission kick-down cable bracket
Three manifold vacuum ports are available including one for PCV
Designed with a DOMINATOR mounting flange
Utilizes 2.25” throttle bores.