Turbosmart Gen-V HP Comp-Gate Wastegates TS-0553-1312

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Turbosmart Gen-V HP Comp-Gate Wastegates

Turbosmart Gen-V HP (high-pressure) comp-gate external wastegates feature a new unique appearance, Gen-V architecture, more options, and more boost. Upgrades include their modularity, improved thermal management, water cooling options, and even more gate flow than ever before. Turbosmart answered the needs of the diesel tuning community years ago with their HP wastegate range. These Gen-V units take all the advances in design and entineering—such as water cooling, rotating housing, industry-leading gate flow, and 1/8 NPT reference ports—and pushes the results to new heights.

The new Gen-V HP springs options alone mean as much as 50 psi of base spring pressure. Included in the box is the new Gen-V HP mechanical wastegate with 35 psi worth of pre-loaded springs (10 psi inner and 25 psi outer), all inlet and outlet weld flanges, valve seat and clamps, and basic reference port fittings needed to get set up and running. These wastegates are available in different external relief diameters.